My Little Home

by Fraupester


My love for dolls, plush toys and miniature animals dates back to when I was a little girl. I remember redrawing and colouring dolls with markers and inks if I didn't like something on them or if I wanted to redesign them as somebody I wanted to play with. Extraordinary figurines with their not so everyday looks became actors of everyday stories. I remember playing with dolls was an absolute stress relief for me. These role-plays helped me solve my conflicts and problems in kindergarten and school. I was happy and content! As I grew older, these feelings passed, and a longer period of emptiness followed, and then I became a mother. My son's birth carried the message that I should continue doing what I enjoyed doing many years ago. But now I was on the other, creative side of the process.

I pictured two lovely animal figurines. I took a paper and a pen, drew them, shaded them, crossed them out and erased them, then tore the paper out and started all over again. Finally, my shy "children" were born – a long-eared bunny and a short-nosed fox.

Their bodies are made of felt and they are indeed loveable little creatures. They are just like us, only a bit more modest. I couldn't leave them in the woods, so they got a little home, too. They moved into small suitcases. The bunny got a room, and the fox got a tidy little garden. They have been spending their time there ever since. When there is a holiday, however, they dress up and wait for their future owner in a fancy box.